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Daily Maintenance Set

Daily Maintenance Set



60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our blood stream. That's potentially a lot of bad shit.
So we created a skincare routine that was just better. Free from harsh chemicals, vegan, Cruelty free
basically free from all the bad stuff your mum wouldn't approve of.

Not only that we've kept our products simple, because let's be honest you don't have time to apply
20 different face masks, we have made it ultra convenient and easy. Just jump on our bi-monthly subscription
and let us handle the rest.

Simple, natural, skincare for men. Take care of your number one asset


1 in 7 men will be directly impacted by mental health issues.

It's a shocking statistic and one that motivates us to help empower, educate, and support men across Australia. 

Bearskin will donate $1 from every purchase to local charities supporting men facing mental health issues. These donations will go directly to local charities across Australia. We want to help, support men and raise awareness by generating much-needed conversations, considering the widespreed negative impact mental health has on our society, yet it remains largely taboo.


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Skincare made simple for men

Skincare made simple for men

Let’s face it most of us have no f**king clue what skincare products to use, let alone what is good for our type of skin. Also, let’s be honest we ...

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