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August 01, 2019 2 min read

Let’s face it most of us have no f**king clue what skincare products to use, let alone what is good for our type of skin. Also, let’s be real we really don’t need added complexity to our already busy lives. Skincare should be simple, easy and convenient. If you’re a minimalist when it comes to grooming products or just want to know what are the mandatory products you need, to have fresher, younger-looking skin, take note. 

There are 3 key steps to any men's skincare regime and that’s as simple as it has to be. Don’t worry about the masks, serums, toners, cucumbers, sea salt coffee-infused hydrating facial pee or any other marketing ploy that the skincare industry has generated. Stock your bathroom cabinet with the following essentials without adding more than a few minutes to your daily routine.

Cleanse Twice Daily:Wash your face morning and night with a cleansing face wash or cleanser to remove any excess dirt, grime or oil build-up that may occur. This will help keep your pores clean, remove excess oil and will help minimise breakouts and shine. 

It’s also important to note, cleansing is crucial before applying any other products, otherwise, the effectiveness of other products may be limited. Think of it this way you need a clean slate before you can start adding anything to it. Also try to use something specifically for men's skincare as these products will be geared towards men's skin.

Recommend: Bearskin Cleansing Face Wash

Exfoliate Twice a Week: Now that you have used your cleanser it’s time to exfoliate. Exfoliating scrubs away any dead skin cells that may clog your pores up as well as remove the dead skin cells and allow healthier skin cells to live on the surface, overall leaving your skin looking sexy as f**k.

You only need to exfoliate twice a week. Dead skin cells don’t come up that quickly. Try to pick a gentle scrub something not too harsh as too much abrasion may irritate your skin and do more harm than good.

Recommend: Bearskin Charcoal Face Scrub

Moisturise Daily: You have cleaned and scrubbed your skin, the final step is to hydrate and protect your face. Thus the final step in the process is to moisturise your face. Moisturising delivers key nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to your skin whilst creating a barrier protecting your skin from complexion harming toxins (i.e all the bad crap in the air). Apply it in the morning before you head out for the day as well as before going to bed. Ensure that when you do apply moisturiser that it is fully absorbed by your skin otherwise your skin may feel greasy. This will depend on your skin type and moisturiser you use. 

Recommend: Bearskin Revitalising Daily Moisturiser

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